Sunday June 23rd

Rookie / Beginner Program

Week 8 of the Term 2 Rookie program saw bright and pleasant conditions when under the sun, but bitingly cold in the shade, even cold enough for Jake to declare “it’s cold”.  This week saw the finale to the term program.  Team Ambrose was the game and played on the Short Course.

The group was broken up into 2 teams, Team A comprising Daniel, Jake and Michael and Team C comprising Bryce, Charlie, Frankie and Ted, with both teams missing their longest hitters Alex and Luke. The game would be contested over 3 holes of varying length and difficulty.

The first hole was a short little introduction, about 60 metres but with a menacing bunker, positioned between the tee and the flagstick for all players to avoid.  Michael started proceedings and smashed his driver just long and to the right of the green. Jake then played a lovely shot to end up about 10 metres short of the pin.  Ted led the way for Team C and his sweetly struck 7 iron rolled just over the back of the green.  Maybe the cold weather had an effect on the gallery as the reception received was like one from the arctic. 

Frankie and Bryce played a couple of low spinners from over the back to both end up within 3 metres and give Team C a chance to halve the hole.  The greens didn’t have as much grass coverage as in previous Term finales but the dew made up for it and all golfers were baffled by the slow pace of the greens. After Team C 3 putted, the hole was halved in bogey 4’s.

The second hole was a longer challenge, a par 4 measuring about 120 metres. Michael, once again unleashed a booming drive to finish in the right-hand side greenside bunker, while Daniel’s mistimed tee shot ended up on the fairway about 20 metres short of the green.  Ted also amazed the gallery with his driver, hitting a dart straight at the pin and finishing just off the back fringe of the green, less than 6 metres from the pin! 

Team A decided against playing from the bunker and took the ball onto the fairway. From there Michael played a high, soft landing pitch to about 12 metres to give them a chance. 2 putts later and they had recorded a par 4. Bryce had no intentions of losing the hole and his putt for a 2 fell agonisingly short to give Team C the lead.

The final hole was by far the toughest assignment yet, a par 5 measuring a bit over 200 metres.  The tee shot either required the precision of a surgeon to land on a narrow strip of fairway, less than 5 metres wide, or carry the ball more than 100 metres over the wasteland and long rough.  Jake saved his best shot to the last hole by smashing his drive about 150 metres right down the middle of the fairway to give his team a sniff of forcing a playoff. Charlie also got more familiar with his new clubs and carried the wasteland to end up right next to Bryce’s well struck drive and just in the right rough about 80 metres from the pin.  Bryce then flushed his 7 iron just short of the green after going with his caddy’s call of a 7 iron instead of his 5 iron. 

For Team A, Michael played a controlled Pitching wedge to about 8 metres and the pressure was back on Team C.  Bryce made a mockery of all the pressure and chipped to less than 1 foot and gave a little fist pump to his caddy.  This meant that Team A had to hole about an 8 metre putt to force a playoff.  A couple of putts grazed the edge of the cup but none would fall.  All Team C had to do was negotiate a meagre 1 foot putt, but as is so often the case in Ambrose events, once 1 putt is missed the pressure mounts on all the other players and Team C crumbled and inexplicably all missed the birdie putt.  All of a sudden Team A had a chance to pull off a miracle comeback. 

A 5 feet putt stood in the way of defeat or a playoff and unfortunately for them they couldn’t secure the putt to force the playoff giving Team C the victory and the bragging rights for the term.

As everyone had shown some great improvement from the start of the program, they all had the option of a chocolate or Super Dooper.

Congratulations to all the children for their participation in the term program and we hope to see you all back again next term, whether it be in the Rookie or Silver Program.


Silver / Intermediate Program

 Week 8 of the Term 2 Silver program saw beautiful conditions again and the temperature had increased by a few degrees from the start of the Rookie Program, meaning the winter gloves could come off.  This week saw the finale to the term program.  Team Ambrose was the game and played on the Short Course.

The group was broken up into 3 teams, Team # comprising George, Noah and Ollie P, Team X comprising Darby, Ethan and Ollie L and Team G comprising all the girls Daisy, Jas and Sophie.  The game would be contested over 4 holes of different lengths and varying difficulty.

The first hole was a short approach of around 60 metres to a pin positioned right at the back of the green and a long way from the bunker in the direct line between the tee and the pin.  Noah from Team # set the high standard trapping a wedge to what looked to only be a metre away, but the angle was misleading and the ball was still a very respectable 5 metres away.  Sophie’s majestic approach caught the slope at the front of the green and pulled up quicker than expected but was still on the short grass, albeit a massive 20 metres away.  Darby and Ethan both got their approaches right out of the sweet spot and their balls also checked up a bit quickly to finish about 15 metres away. 

The greens still had quite an amount of dew on them meaning that putts had to be struck a lot firmer than normal.  Jas took this to the extreme and wound up with her putter and sent the ball sailing well over the green, Sophie learnt from the putt and rolled the ball up nice and cosily to less than a foot away.  The boys from both the other teams couldn’t make the birdie but comfortably made pars to all square the hole.

The second hole was a long Par 4 measuring a bit over 200 metres.  The tee shot required a really well struck blow to carry the wasteland that covered the first 100 metres of the hole.  All the girls ripped their tee shots and covered the wasteland to finish about 80 metres from the pin and on the right-hand side of the fairway.  Ethan and Noah mashed their drives to finish near each other and only about 25 metres from the flag. 

Daisy hit a superbly struck 7 iron to finish just short of the green, while Ollie P played the best approach for Team # to finish on the short grass and only 12 metres from the pin.  Ollie L showed his great improvement this term by playing a soft landing pitch over the bunker to within 4 metres to give Team X the clear advantage.  Daisy then played a great chip and run to about 3 metres to keep the girls in the hunt. 

Team # safely 2 putted for par.  For Team X, Darby’s putt never looked like missing but somehow defied gravity and lipped out to just miss their prized birdie, leaving the girls a testy 3 metre putt to square the hole.  As has been the pattern for all the term, luck was not on their side and Jas’s putt sat agonisingly short, teetering on the edge of the cup.

The third hole was a devilish Par 3.  The hole measured only 80 metres but there was a 65 metre carry over thick rough and wasteland to a pin that was perched just on the green with the slope of the green falling away from them. 

Each child acquitted themselves brilliantly and there were 3 stand out shots, one from each team.  Noah from Team # really flushed his 9 iron so much so that it rolled just off the back of the green.  Ethan from Team X used the precision of a Tour Player to land the ball on the fringe of the green and roll out to about 4 metres from the pin.  Jas stood up for the girls (even though she wasn’t last in the order of teeing off, which is her favourite position) and hit a controlled, gentle fade with her hybrid to also finish within 6 metres of the pin. 

George cunningly used his putter from just off the fringe displaying the skills of an old veteran to finish within a metre of the pin, enabling Team # to make par.  The girls lost their focus temporarily and 3 putted for bogey, whilst Team X safely 2 putted for par.

It all came down to the final hole for the term to decide the winner. The final hole was the longest of the day measuring around 230 metres from the back tees.  A long drive of about 120 metres was required to fly all the thick rough.  Ollie P shook off his unusual out of form long game slump, to pulverise one down the right side of the fairway about 80 metres from the pin.  Ethan unleashed some fury and even though his GPS was off, his ball ended up within 50 metres of the pin in the right rough.  Jas also wound up, maybe upset that I had forgot that the girls hadn’t teed off and ended up near Ollie P’s drive on the edge of the fairway.

Sophie and Daisy both played solid shots to finish just short and left of the green for Team G, while Noah once again flushed his approach right at the pin and rolled just through the back of the green to finish less than 6 metres away from the pin.  Team X with everything at stake struggled with their nerves and the best positioned ball ended up over the back of the green.  Ollie L’s chip ended up within 4 metres of the pin, while all the girls struck their pitches out of the middle but had just too much power to finish about 6 metres away.

After Team # rolled their ball down to within a foot ensuring par and the girls had safely 2 putted, it was up to Team X to hole the longest putt of the day from about 4 metres.  All 3 valiant attempts missed and Team # tapped in for par to give Team # the win and bragging rights.

All participants got a Super Dooper or chocolate for surviving the battle and playing with such great sportsmanship.

Congratulations to all the children for their participation in the term program and we hope to see you all back again next term, whether it be in the Silver or Gold Program.