Sunday May 24th

Rookie / Beginner Program

Week 1 of the delayed Rookie Term 2 Program finally gave the children a chance to swing a golf club.  However, the weather hadn’t heard the news about the beginning of all the programs and we were greeted with some light, misty showers and a very cool breeze.  Most of the children came prepared apart from one brave soul (Sam) who donned some shorts. 

This week the children got to do some work on their full swing.  With some new faces to the program, they were reminded of the basic rules of the program and the penalties for not adhering to them.  After about 20 minutes of full swing training, the group was broken up into 2 teams.  Team R consisted Eloise, Harrison, Jacob, Oscar and Thomas G and they were pitted against Team L who had Hayden, Lachie, Sam and Tombob teaming up to see who would be this week’s victors.

The game of choice today was “Hit the Bucket”.  The children were given 10 golf balls and three buckets were placed about 15 metres away from the children, the reward for hitting the bucket was 1 point for your team.  With the wind being too strong, the buckets were turned upside down.  Normally the top is left open and if you could get the ball in the bucket, then you would get 5 points.  It took the children a few swings to get out of full swing mode and into pitching mode and most of the early balls went flying past the buckets.

Lachie broke the drought to get the first points for Team L, quickly followed by Eloise who got Team R off the duck.  Team L then got on a roll with Hayden, Sam and Tombob scoring in quick succession, before Oscar and Thomas G restored some pride for Team R.  At the end of the first round Team L led 6 – 3, with Tombob learning from past experiences to not smash the ball over the buckets and being equal with Sam as the top point scorers.

The second round saw the Mead brothers (Jacob and Oscar) awake from their slumber and find their range.  The round was a close one with Team R making a slight inroad into the deficit to see the scores at 9 – 7.  It was all set for a thrilling finish to the last round and it didn’t disappoint, with all the children scoring at least one point and the lead fluctuating between both teams.  We were all set for a playoff, with only Tombob’s last ball standing in the way.  His perfectly struck pitch rolling into the middle of the bucket and giving Team L the victory.

All the children celebrated the return to golf with either a chocolate or Super Dooper.

Well done to all the children and next week we will do some pitching around the green.

Silver / Intermediate Program

Week 1 of the Silver Term 2 Program saw the long-awaited start of the golfing program.  It was great to see the returning faces and even better to see that some of the children had been keen enough to do some practice over the break.

The Sunday before we finally got to see the finish of the Term 1 program, albeit 7 weeks late!  There was plenty of rust shown, but the children quickly started to acclimatise.  The group was broken up into girls versus boys and after the boys got off to an early lead, the girls knuckled down and drew level.  It came down to a pitch off and the girls came away the victors, to gain bragging rights for Term 2.

This week, the group got to do some work on their full swing to get rid of most of the rust.  After about 20 minutes of training and each of the children seeing their swings and changes required on the big screen, it was time to get into the team games section.  With it being the first week back into training after the long break, I weakened and let the groups be broken into the original “Juice Crew” and the “Jelly Dancers”.  The “Juice Crew” consisted Euan, Harvey, Louis and Ollie, whilst the “Jelly Dancers” had Daisy, Jake, Jas, Lola and Sophie.

The game of choice was “Hitting into the Bunker”.  Some of the children worked out that we were going to play this game during training and started honing their skills early.  With the grassed section closed due to the early dormancy of the grass, the children faced a much longer assignment than what they had in Term 1.  Instead of the shot covering somewhere between 30 and 50 metres, the children had to negotiate a shot of about 70 metres and with a tricky left to right cross breeze.  The first round would provide a challenge and with each child limited to only 10 golf balls, the round was low scoring, but there were many valiant attempts, none more so than Sophie, who had the “Sophie Forcefield” around the bunker, with so many shots running around the edge or pulling up agonisingly short.  Jake was the first to achieve success, much to the delight of his father Jamie.  At the end of the round, the “Juice Crew” held a solid 3 -1 lead. 

Maybe getting ahead of themselves or just talking too much, the “Juice Crew” had a slow final round and the “Jelly Dancers” found their range to waltz (sorry!) their way to a commanding 10 – 6 victory.

As per normal, each participant got a chocolate or Super Dooper at the end of the session.  Next week we will do some short game work and we will see what the teams are going to be, maybe a challenge?

Gold Program

Week 1 of the Gold Term 2 Program finally came along and there were a couple of new faces (Fraser and Jacob) and a return of one of the regulars (Noah).  The weather had warmed up quite a bit more than during the Rookie session, however, the wind had freshened up and with the direction coming from left to right, it offered quite a challenge for the group.

The previous week, we had been able to finally complete the Term 1 program.  The children got to blow off a few of the cobwebs that had accumulated during the ISO break.  It didn’t take too long before they acclimatised and some great shots were on display.

This week, we did some more work on the full swing.  The children each had a chance to view their swings on the big screen and then after some talk, they were given some direction with what they needed to work on to achieve some more consistency.  It was great to see the enthusiasm every one of the children showed to strive to improve.

After about 20 minutes of practice (and plenty of harassment) the group got to change clubs and got out either their hybrid or fairway wood.  Some little tweaks were required to the set up and then they had a chance to see their golf balls fly further.  With about 15 minutes left, it was time to get into the weekly team games.  The group was broken up into 2 teams.  Team Juice comprised Fraser, Jake, Juntas and Tom G and they were pitted against Team Jelly, who had Ethan, Jacob and Noah teamed together to try to achieve success.

The game of choice was “Hitting into the Bunker”.  Each child gets 10 golf balls (and only 10, I check to see if any spare golf balls are stashed away) to try to hit into the bunker.  The bunker is about 5 metres wide and 3 metres deep.  With the synthetic section being used, the shot covers about 70 metres and with plenty of golf balls lined up between the children and the bunker, the best option was to land in or as close to the bunker as possible.  The tricky part with this shot was the strong breeze from left to right that the children had to calculate for.

The first round got under way and it didn’t take long before the newest addition to the group (Jacob) got Team Jelly off to the perfect start.  However, at the end of the first round Team Juice held a slender 8 – 6 lead, with the youngest member of the group (Jake) showing the others the correct ball flight to get through the wind and scored an amazing 5 out of 10 success rate (even though he got a bit carried away and thought he had got 7!!).

The second round saw Jacob score the first point again to narrow the margin to 1, before Team Juice got on a roll, especially Juntas who scored 3 in a row!  In the end, the score line was 16 – 9 and a comprehensive victory for Team Juice.

Next week we will do some short game work to fine tune the scoring area.