We offer all golfers a comprehensive repair service on golf clubs from simple re-gripping to refurbishing your whole set with new shafts and grips. We also have on site a loft & lie machine to alter your existing clubs for the correct fit.

With overall competitive pricing and re-grips available from as little asĀ $10 per club, most repairs can be completed within 48 hours. ThisĀ ensures you are without your clubs for the shortest amount of time. (Turnaround times may vary slightly)

(Guide only)
Re-grip – From $15 each 24 hrs
Putter – Super Stroke $56 each 24 hrs
Re-shaft eg: Dynamic Gold -From $79 each 72 hrs
Graphite Re-shafts -From $99 each 72 hrs
Re-glue head – iron $10 each 48 hrs
Club Shortening or lengthening -From $10 each 48 hrs
Loft & Lie Adjustments $100 set 48 hrs
Putter Grips available -From $15 each 24 hrs